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What to Expect


Visiting the dentist can be scary! At Sunrise Dental, we want you to be as comfortable as possible. When you visit your dentist at Sunrise Dental, whether as a new patient or an existing patient, you can expect the best patient care! We strive to deliver excellence in everything we do, but always remember that you are the ultimate decision-maker on all dental procedures being performed.


If you did not fill out the documents online, you will spend the first 10-15 minutes filling out paperwork. This paperwork allows us to have all of the vital information to properly identify each patient, bill any insurance programs you may have and evaluate your medical health history prior to discussing your current dental needs.


In order for the dentist to properly diagnose interproximal caries (cavities between the teeth), bone density, and other oral cavity anatomies a series of x-rays will be required. These typically take about 15 minutes. The dentist will review these x-rays prior to any inspection or work on the patient.


Please verbally notify the dentist if you are pregnant or have another health condition that you feel they should be aware of, regardless of whether you have documented it on your paperwork.

It will be necessary for the dentist to evaluate the following for each patient: Review your medical history, and ask any questions that may have an affect your current oral health.

  • Oral Cancer Screening - this is a visual inspection of the oral cavity, including the lips, tongue, teeth, and throat
  • Bone and Gingiva (gum) Health - color, trauma, indications or periodontal disease, and swelling or bleeding
  • Oral Hygiene - how well you have been taking care of the oral cavity
  • Caries and Cavity Evaluation - looking for areas of decay on each tooth

Intraoral photos will be taken to show the patients pictures of their oral cavity as well as documenting any findings for insurance purposes.

Treatment Plan

The Dentist will explain any findings from the evaluation and develop a personalized treatment plan based on dental necessity. All decisions on care are made by the patient, however, the dentist will discuss any options and the priorities of each necessary treatment. The treatment coordinator will further explain your treatment plan including any financial obligation that the patient may have after your insurance has paid their portion.

Cleaning & Education

Depending on your current oral condition, the dentist may be able to clean your teeth the same day. If there is a diagnosis that takes priority over cleaning, additional appointments may be required. If the dentist was able to clean your teeth, the dentist or Dental Assistant will polish & floss your teeth. Some patients may also receive a fluoride treatment or sealant. The Dentist and or Dental Assistant will explain how to maintain proper oral hygiene and what changes you may need to make in your daily routine to maintain a healthy mouth.


Upon completion of your appointment, the Dental Assistant will walk you to the front desk to schedule your next appointment. Typically in six months unless there is a need for you to come back at an earlier date. Your 6-month Routine Check-up & Cleaning appointment will be scheduled and you will be provided a card with this date and time.